MHJA Rulebook 2022



New Rules for 2022 

Exact wording found in the 2022 Rulebook.  

*Membership in MHJA is no longer required to participate in a rated show. The non-member fee is $20 (p. 12)

*3 standing photos (right side, left side, and frontal) of each nominated horse must be submitted with each application. No part of the horse’s body may be covered with the exception of  a bridle or halter being worn. (p. 7)

*Show participants who pay a non-member fee may join MHJA by submitting the difference between the non-member fee and the member fee, as well as all applicable required documentation. Membership application must be made within two weeks of the show for points to be credited (p. 12)

*Show managers must submit all monies and results before points are posted. (p. 34)

* Points will be  finalized and ‘lock’ on November 1st. (p. 34)

* Members must check points and notify the Points Keeper of discrepancies prior to November 1st. (p. 34)

* Elimination clarification from USE/USHJA rulebook.

  • Hunters & Eq – 1. Elimination occurs after the third (3rd) refusal; 2. Stopping for loss of shoe or broken equipment (p. 21 & 25).