2019 MHJA Rulebook (pdf)

The MHJA Rulebook is currently being edited to reflect the new rules listed below.  


New Rules for 2020 

Exact wording to follow with the posting of the 2020 Rulebook.  

*No more than one MHJA rated show per date

*Shows from the previous show season have until December 1st to confirm with the MHJA board that they would like to use the same show dates the  following year.

*2′ Short Stirrup and 2′ Long Stirrup have reverted back to Hunters (no Eq class in the division).

* 2′ Equitation Division has been added.

* MHJA will pay for one class/show for any Junior riding in an Equitation division.

* Non-member fees ($20) are now member fees ($35 or $55) with the onus to fill out membership paperwork on the new member.

*1.20m Jumper is now Table II, 2a, b, or c.

*MHJA will hold to the USHJA Drug Standards

*Board Members will be Safe Sport certified.

*Board Members will sign and be held to a Code of Conduct.