MHJA Rulebook 2021



New Rules for 2020/21 

Exact wording found in the 2021 Rulebook.  

*No more than one MHJA rated show per date

*Shows from the previous show season have until December 1st to confirm with the MHJA board that they would like to use the same show dates the  following year.

*2′ Short Stirrup and 2′ Long Stirrup have reverted back to Hunters (no Eq class in the division).

* 2′ Equitation Division has been added.

* MHJA will pay for one class/show for any Junior riding in an Equitation division.

* Non-member fees ($20) are now member fees ($35 or $55) with the onus to fill out membership paperwork on the new member.

*1.20m Jumper is now Table II, 2a, b, or c.

*MHJA will hold to the USHJA Drug Standards

*Board Members will be Safe Sport certified.

*Board Members will sign and be held to a Code of Conduct.