Annual Membership

Montana Hunter Jumper Association was formed to promote opportunities for showing over fences to riders and horses at all levels and abilities.  The Association provides standards for hunter/jumper shows throughout the state, offers assistance to show managers, and provides year-end awards.   All members will receive information on activities including association approved shows, non-approved shows, clinics, seminars and other jumping related activities.

Individual membership is $35 / year and includes the nomination of one horse for year end awards.

Family membership is $50 / year for parents, all children under 18 years, and nomination of up to three horses for year end awards.

Membership statuses defined: 

  • Amateur: Members who qualify and complete the Amateur Certification Application.
  • Professional: Members who receive any type of compensation in return for lessons, riding, or training.
  • Junior: 17 years or younger on December 1st of the preceding year.

Horses must be nominated by the member . Individual membership includes one horse, and family membership includes up to three horses. Each additional nominated horse is $5 / year and can be nominated using the Membership Application.

New 2022 Horse Membership Rule: three standing photos (right side, left side, and frontal) of each nominated horse must be submitted with each application. No part of the horse’s body may be covered with the exception of  a bridle or halter being worn. Photos may be submitted here or at the end of the online process.

Send forms, checks, and photos to:  MHJA, 40787 Partridge Trail, Polson MT 59860

Online submissions are subject to a $5 administrative fee.  If you will be submitting forms online, but mailing a check PLEASE send an email to the

For more information on membership rules, see Rule Book.