MHJA Board 2020 Elections

The end of the 2019 Show Season saw several board members’ retirement.  Marilyn Frame, Alia Driscoll, and Gayl Russell chose not to run for the MHJA Board again, although Gayl will continue on for a year in the Past President role.  Marilyn has spent many years in the Banquet Coordinator role, as well as filling the Show Manager Liaison position. Alia produced a quality newsletter and worked to update the rulebook.  Their service to the MHJA Board is appreciated and they will be sorely missed.

Newly elected Board Members, Addison McColl, Amy Smith, Pamela Rozell, and Saraes Decker Reyna (Junior), join returning members Heather Davies, Monika Frame, Sarah Broussard, and re-elected member Allison Heidmann to round out the 2020 MHJA Board.