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"Did you know...."

Feb/Mar 2010 edition

"Did you know...."

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That sport is something done for the fun of doing it and that it ceases

to be sport when it becomes a business only, something done for what there is in it;


That amateurism is something of the heart and spirit – not a matter of

exact technical qualifications;


That good manners of sport are fundamentally important;


That the code must be strictly upheld;


That the whole structure of sport is not only preserved from the

absurdity of undue importance, but is justified by a kind of romance

which animates it, and by the positive virtues of courage, patience, good temper,

and unselfishness which are demanded by the code;


That the exploitation of sport for profit alone kills the spirit and retains

only the husk and semblance of the thing;


That the qualities of frankness, courage, and sincerity

which mark the good sportsman in private life

shall mark the discussions of his [or her] interests at a competition.







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